Is summer reeking havoc on your skin? Or, maybe you just have problem skin and at a loss of where to begin to fix it? I know, I have always battled oily skin that is prone to break outs. Well, thank goodness for Roni Kramer, founder of Kamedis, because she understands problem skin and has she spent her life looking for a way to fix her skin. Her journey took her from Israel to California to Chengdu, where she studied with masters of traditional Chinese Medicine. She learned how botanicals, with their complex interplay of ingredients, can heal us by bringing our bodies back into balance.

She then verified with clinical trials what traditional Chinese medicine had taught her and she created Kamedis, a unique collection of skin treatment products. Kamedis bring together Eastern and Western science, along with tradition and innovation and safety and effectiveness. At Kamedis, they continue to support the farmers and communities where their botanicals are grown and harvested and they continue to work with, and learn from, practitioners of alternative medicine as well as dermatologists and researchers. They remain committed to helping as many skin sufferers as possible get the benefits of what they have learned.

I tried the full Acne Kit which includes Acne Face CleanserAcne Face Moisturizer and Acne Spot Treatment all in one convenient kit. This kit is perfect for the treatment for oily-prone skin, pimples, acne, and redness due to inflammation. The Acne Face Cleanser is a powerful foaming gel that gently cleanses acne-prone skin without drying, using an oil free formula. Plus, it smells so good! After you cleanser, use the Acne Face Moisturizer, which clears up oily skin and acne while preventing their recurrence. It is light feeling and doesn’t have your skin shining hours later. The Acne Spot Treatment is a gel treatment that is clinically proven to deliver clearer skin and reduce pimples in just 12 hours…and let me tell you, it does! I couldn’t believe how less oily my skin was just a few hours later. My pores were smaller and the condition of my skin was so much better. It’s really incredible that something natural works so quickly and effectively (at a price that won’t break the bank).

Kamedis also has treatments for eczema and dry scalp. You no longer have to turn to chemicals and expensive treatments to help your daily skin and scalp issues. Especially during these hot summer months, Kamedis is here to help!




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