Getting Back on Track in the New Year


Café Gratitude’s New Year’s Cleanse Promotion
Starting this month until the end of January 2018, you will receive 50% off any length of Café Gratitude’s Cleanse Program when you sign up to start a cleanse in January. If you sign up for a three-day cleanse beginning on January 31, you still receive the 50% off even though your cleanse will spill into February. This applies for both Café Gratitude’s Meal Plan and Juice Plan, for any length. Sign up today online at here!

Herringbone Santa Monica x Cycle House Santa Monica
Get Fit in 2018 with Cycle House Santa Monica and Herringbone Santa Monica! Sweat off those holiday indulgences at Cycle House Santa Monica, and treat yourself for your hard work by stopping by Santa Monica hotspot Herringbone Santa Monica after class. Riders with proof of taking a spin class that day (must show their Cycle House class confirmation) will receive 10% off off their final bill at Top Chef alum Brian Malarkey’s ocean-to-table concept located just a few blocks away. Alternatively diners with proof of receipt, or OpenTable reservation confirmation, from Herringbone Santa Monica can ride at Cycle House Santa Monica for $18 with free shoe rental and water bottle included.

Keto Kind Cleanse by The Juice
The Juice, LA’s juice shop that is exclusively organic, cold pressed, and raw/unpasteurized, is launching a new cleanse comprised of both liquid and solid: the Keto Kind Cleanse. The Keto Kind Cleanse with nutrient dense vegan ingredients including plenty of organic MCT-rich coconut oil to maintain and enhance the body’s state of ketosis or help achieve this fat burning metabolic state. Ketosis is a natural state the body reaches when following a diet low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and high in healthy fats (like avocado and coconut oil). With a lack of carbs (glucose), the body is forced to find an alternative fuel source and will begin to burn fat instead. This process stimulates the liver to produce ketones which are used as fuel within the body. Besides weight loss, ketones have been linked to many other health benefits including decreasing blood glucose and insulin, decreasing free radical generation, increasing tissue oxygenation, mental clarity, and sustained energy. $50; Atwater Village, Highland Park, Sherman Oaks

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