Rockefeller Gastropub

Since opening back in 2014, the Rockefeller Gastropub has been a staple for lovers of delicious food with a fine array of beers on draft as well. It’s also one of the few Gastropubs to keep a Belgian tart ale on draft – thank you very much! The recent additions made by Executive Chef Michelangelo Aliaga to the menu features items that are unexpected and elevated. Not to worry though, the salads and burgers that you love are still there here with a happy hour menu that rivals most others in the area.

Let’s start with the Citrus Burrata Brushcetta. Using imported Puglia burrata and finished with toasted coriander seeds, it’s topped with pieces of citrus that are the perfect balance of tart and sweet. It’s something special and personally the most delectable burrata combination I’ve had since a trip to Paris in 2015. Memorable, check.

Keeping it seasonal the Grilled Octopus is a must for seafood fanatics, the Kalamata Aioli is to die for and the perfect saltiness to compliment the charred flavor of the octopus.

Surprisingly, there was not a Caesar salad on the menu prior to now. The addition of the Caesar de Cardini, gives this traditional salad a twist. It’s a subtle smoky flavor makes it incredibly enjoyable to eat and you’ll keep wanting more.

For the larger plates, the Pan Roasted Chicken served with half a preserved lemon and cilantro rice is comfort food on another level. The chicken is soaked in brine, so the entire piece is juicy, and pan fried to perfection. The crust might even make you think it was deep fried, it’s that good! The Chermoula Sea Bass is also a beautiful and thoughtful addition to the menu if you’re looking for something a little lighter. It’s served with a wild pico rice and incredibly tender and charred braised fennel, so there’s no way you’ll be left hungry if you manage to get through it all! I can attest to the fact, it makes for delicious left overs the next day too. There’s also the addition of Braised Pork Cheeks served with creamy polenta and chimichurri cilantro if you’re looking for something a little heftier.

If you have any room left, give the Hot Chocolate Chip Cookie a go. It’s baked to order and served with vanilla bean ice cream. It’s the perfect end to any meal and simply decadent without being too sweet or oversized.

These new features have added a complexity and cleverness to the menu at the Rockefellar Gastropub. Be warned these yummy dishes will only make this little gem of an eatery even tougher to get into, especially after 7pm, so make a reservation!




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