Flywheel Opens in Santa Monica

The spinning studio that has had WeHo people crazed is finally making it’s much needed debut on the Westside. Created by Ruth Zukerman, legendary instructor and one of the driving forces behind the indoor cycling phenomenon, Flywheel offers performance technology I haven’t seen anywhere else, a supportive atmosphere, healthy competition, and highly trained instructors.

Each bike is equipped with personal performance data, which allows you to challenge your biggest competitor: You. It was the first spin class I had taken with this technology, which allows you to know exactly where you were in terms of resistance, workload, and how hard you were working. To keep it short, it kept you in check. If racing against others gives you that extra push, the TorqBoard measures your performance against your fellow riders. Either way, you will get the best workout and leave feeling great.

The friendly staff provides complimentary shoes, towels and lockers, making your total experience comfortable from the moment you walk in. Plus, in a city like Los Angeles, walking into a workout studio or gym can be super intimidating. At FLY, the staff is super welcoming, supportive, and approachable. Plus, with classes only costing $28, which includes shoes, ($15 for your first class) their prices are a fraction of the cost of other studios. So get to sunny Santa Monica for your beach bod…summer is right around the corner!




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