Angel City Brewery’s New Packaging & Citrus Wheat Ale

Los Angeles is filled with warm sunshine, clear skies, and a bustling art scene. Well, usually…at least we fixed the drought?! And, at least we have the art. You can find it in graffiti to murals to open air studios to galleries across the city.

Inspired by these great artists and their neighbors within the Arts District, Angel City Brewery has released new package featuring LA murals from artists they love. And with that, Angel City is also launching Citrus Wheat Ale, a new year-round beer that will be available all over California.

Citrus Wheat Ale is a golden, hazy colored wheat ale made from mandarin, tangerine and lime for a sweet, tart taste with a bright aroma of lime zest. It’s the perfect beer for our sunny climate with an ABV of 5.0% and a low IBU of 22.

The Citrus Wheat packaging showcases a mural by Fluke, Vyal Reyes, and Zek. The unique portrait style and hand positions were inspired by classic fashion shoot poses. This iconic mural was painted and designed as an ode to LA before the artists returned home to Canada, and was located in DTLA’s The Container Yard in late 2015.

Also getting an upgrade is Angel City Pilsner, which features a mural by Christina Angelina and Fanakapan, photographed by Jay Kantor. Angelina and Fanakapan created this piece to portray a feeling of unconditional connection, like the one portrayed between the two in the mural. The piece, located downtown on 4th Street, was created on a corrugated metal surface that the artists then sanded and scraped into.

These two new labels join Angel City’s IPA, which currently features JR’s The Wrinkles of The City mural, the centerpiece of the brewery’s building. All three beers are available across California in 6-packs and on draught.




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