Hot Hot Hot

If you’re like me, you like some spice in your life. I came across a delicious hot sauce that can take any bland meal to the next level of flavor – Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce. Started over a decade ago by The Offspring’s singer , Dexter Holland, Gringo Bandito has been gaining praise as being a favorite by many.

I tried three flavors: Original,  Green and Super Hot. I gotta give it to Dexter because the sauces unleash an explosion of flavor in your mouth. I believe it when said he worked for over two years to find the perfect ingredients to make hot sauces that can be added to make your next dining experience a “zinger.” I put the sauces to the test and I tried them on pretty much everything. Here are a few of my favorites: pizza, eggs, soup, pasta sauce, chili, tuna fish, collard greens, French Fries, chips and salsa, veggie burgers, and popcorn. All three flavors woke up my taste buds BUT, since I like REALLY hot stuff the winner for me was the Super Hot flavor.

With the Superbowl approaching, I know we are all trying to think of the perfect food to bring to the game day parties. I came up with a few ideas while sampling these sauces: For those trying to watch your weight, don’t bring basic chips! Instead bring popcorn – smothered in Gringo Bandito Hot sauce. Buy a bag of popcorn and pour on some hot sauce while dumping the popcorn in the bowl. Make sure to use a big enough spoon so the sauce can go all over the popcorn. You may need some napkins, but your snack will be a hit! Guacamole is also a healthier alternative to other dips. Try kicking things up a notch and add one or multiple Gringo flavors to it. If healthy isn’t even on your radar for game day, make some chili cheese sauce to be dipped in by tortilla chips or pretzels. Add some Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce to it and your guests will be licking their plates clean -they may have to roll themselves out the door when they leave!





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