hoopLA’s 2017 Health Jump Start


Nirvana Tea & Herbs Healing LoungeJoe Recsnik, LAc
Joe Recsnik at Nirvana Tea & Healing Lounge is a healing place where you can find everything you need to start your 2017 off relaxed, focused, and detoxified. With a license in Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and cupping, Joe Recsnik will listen to your health issues and find the best solution that works for you and your body. I first met Joe in 2013 and he helped me with some of my chronic stomach issues. From the initial appointment, I appreciated that Joe explained how Chinese medicine worked and what we were going to achieve once I started the herbs. Joe has since moved his practice to Mar Vista (which is closer to me), and I stopped in to have him help with anxiety/stress. Walking in the door was like seeing an old friend. Joe’s warmth and incredible patience will put you at ease when you explain your medical background and what worries you. You will never feel awkward about any concerns you may have and he is determined to have you and your body working in sync. I had never had acupuncture and, although I have a sleeve of tattoos, I was slightly nervous about being poked with needles. Joe walked me through what I might feel and why I might feel it, and my nervousness subsided. Soon, I was relaxed (who knew sticking yourself with needles could be so calming)? It was the first treatment (including massages, facials, sauna treatments) I have had, where I didn’t immediately pick up my phone after to answer emails and texts. I was relaxed, at peace, and I took that feeling into the rest of my day. Start your New Year off relaxed, at peace, and at Nirvana Tea & Herbs Healing Lounge.

Dermalogica on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica is the place to relax and get clear, beautiful skin. With estheticians that work with your skin type, they will conduct a regime for you to do at home. My regime was easy to follow, fun to do, and my skin has never looked better. Treat yourself to a facial here and there to really clear our your skin. You will walk out feeling and looking radiant for 2017.

Paleta is a meal delivery service that won’t leave you starving or yearning for your next meal. With ingredients sourced from local farms, cruelty-free ranches, and responsible fisheries, Paleta has numerous food plans to fit your health needs and dietary requirements. You can order up food plans that are plant based, paleo, or hearty and meat filled. From the three day trial to a 14 day kickstart to cleanses to detoxes, Paleta will have you slipping into your skinny jeans (yes, you too boys), in no time. Sometimes we need that push to continue healthy eating, and Paleta is always my go-to, to get me back on track. Plus, use promo code: HOOPLA20 and get 20% off your first order.

Pilates Platinum
Three years ago I had lower back surgery and I was told “Pilates, Pilates, Pilates.” I stepped into Pilates Platinum and never looked back. With a workout on a Megaformer, which is a revolutionary version of the Pilates machine, the Reformer, Pilates Platinum is the hardest workout I have ever done. Not only will you challenge yourself physically, but you will challenge yourself mentally and experienced amazing results after a short time. Each class is taught by understanding, fun instructors, who will push you that extra step and create the best fitness experience. With studios in Hollywood, Brentwood, Venice Beach and Santa Monica, there is a class that is easily accessible for anyone in Los Angeles. Their first class is only $10 and they require Pilates socks. My fave can be found here.

Cycle House
If you prefer more of an endurance workout, then Cycle House is for you. In 2011, Cycle House launched in West Hollywood with a spinning work out that takes spinning to the next level and gives back (each ride donates two meals). With almost pitch black lighting, loud pumping music, and energetic instructors, Cycle House gets you excited to get on the bike and ride it out. Now with another location in Santa Monica, Cycle House will have you breaking a sweat, pushing yourself harder, and feeling extremely accomplished in 2017.

Y7 Studio
Clearly I like workouts that push me hard in an intense atmosphere. So, when it comes to yoga, Y7 is my kinda workout. They do things differently. It’s 60 minutes of heat and strength complemented by deep breathing and a calming of the mind, all to the flow to the latest beats. There are no mirrors in the dark, candle-lit studios, which means no judgements (yours or others). You will sweat it out in the dark to themes like Beyonce vs. Jay-Z and Throwback Thursdays and you will leave feeling strong, clear and ready to take on whatever the city has in store for you. Take a class and never look back.

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