Sticky Be Socks

By mixing up your workouts, you keep your body guessing and in return, you be able to get into in your best shape. (Plus, this keeps you from getting bored and keeps you motivated). Whether you enjoy Barre, Pilates, yoga or dance, you need to wear socks that grip and provide the best performance. With Sticky Be Socks, you not only have the functionality, but you have design and inspiration that you can’t find anywhere else!

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I am absolutely in love with Pilates (Pilates Platinum to be exact) and you can find me in their Venice Beach studio at least twice a week. Pilates is absolutely the toughest workout I have done and it pushes you to your limit. Whether working my core, legs, or arms, my muscles start to shake. These are the moments that I look down at my Sticky Be Socks that say “be strong” and it pushes me that much further. They are motivational, warm (I always have chilly feet), and come is so many cute designs, including leg warmers.

Sticky Be Socks will enhance your workout and help you hold that plank just a little longer. Be fearless. Be strong. Be grateful. Sticky Be!




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