Bridal Beauty


Tyler and I are five months out for our big day! Brides, including myself, are so focused on the dress, shoes, details, we often forget our best feature…our skin! Thank goodness for Dermalogica on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica for taking me into their hands so that I am guaranteed to glow and look my best when the big day is here.

Stress can show in many forms, especially on our face, and with planning a wedding comes stress. I was actually having an extremely stressful day when I was scheduled to go into dermalogica for my first facial, but once I laid down on the bed, I relaxed and it was just what I needed. All the details of the day and to-do lists bouncing through my head disappeared.

Valerie, my esthetician is also getting married, so not only is she my skin guru, but she quickly became my wedding therapist. I explained where my concerns were with my skin (redness, oily T-zone) and she performed one of the best facials my skin has had. I left feeling rejuvenated and excited to have clear, smooth skin. She also set me up with a regimen I have since been performing daily to ensure I have the best skin I can have.

Dermalogica has rid me of the stress over my skin and gave me the confidence that I will look my best in September. Any brides out there, I highly recommend starting your bridal beauty routine six to five months before your wedding and getting yourself into the hands of the experts at Dermalogica. You will be glowing in no time.

Stay tuned for the next Dermalogica bridal beauty update in a few weeks!

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