I am always on the go. Whether it’s a blog event, a design meeting with a client for my graphic design company, or performing social media for another client, I am out and about and my phone is always with me (and always on). I found myself always worrying about its battery life and then Incase reached out and a light bulb went off. Incase designs solutions that focus on protection and mobility to meet the demands of today’s creatives. Their designs are simple, beautiful, and work well to bring together lifestyle and technology.I ordered their High Speed Dual Car Charger with Lightning to USB cable and I no longer have to worry about being on low battery. It charges two devices at once with two powerful 2.4-amp USB ports that give me the fastest-possible charge from a standard 12V port or cigarette lighter. I know I just started using my charger, but I can tell that their products are built to last.In addition to chargers, they have cases, bags, and sleeves for all your devices and they all come in sleek, modern designs. We spend majority of our day with our devices, why not protect them too?

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