Pure by Michèle La Porta


Pure by Michèle La Porta is a concept that grew out of the demands of a new generation wanting fresh and healthy meals (especially on the go). Healthy? I am all about healthy. I had to go in to check this spot out. I met with Michèle and instantly fell in love with her and her brand. She is a warm, kind, generous, French woman who puts love into her food and believes in hard work.


In 1985, Michèle La Porta opened Thé Cool, a quaint salon right around the corner from the bustling shopping destination of Rue de Passy, in the heart of the XVIème, in Paris. For thirty years, Michèle has enjoyed a dedicated following of neighborhood foodies and fashionistas from around the French capital who can’t get enough of her unique menu combos of traditional quiches, desserts, guilt-free salads, specialty dishes, the famous 0%-fat and sugar-free Starlette Cake, signature tea blends and freshly pressed juices.


In late January 2014, a bi-continental Michèle staged a pop-up in a local eatery, on Third and La Cienega through June 2014. It was then, she felt that she had found her new home and a new place to open up a restaurant. With the same dedication that made Thé Cool into the icon it is today, Michèle formed a partnership with entrepreneur Isabelle Azoulai and together they set out to open their first location on South Beverly Drive, in Beverly Hills.

Pure by Michèle La Porta is a fresh bright, white, open space with a mix of communal tables and smaller tables, all decorated with cute succulents and a French flare. The freshness continues into the food, which has Michèle in the kitchen at 6 am cooking up all her offering for that day. Pure by Michèle La Porta offers sustainable and healthy breakfast and lunch options that you can’t find anywhere else.


We delighted (and devoured) her chicken and egg salad sandwich (where else can you get the combo?), tuna sashimi with her insanely delicious soy sauce and truffle oil combo, salmon salad with cucumbers and rice, and my favorite, carrot and coconut milk soup. We picked and tried it all, and it all was satisfying, healthy, and fresh. I loved that in her salads, she kept the cheese and the dressing in separate containers, so you can customize your dish how ever you like it.

We also tried her fresh juices, along with vegan cookies, and her world famous fat free, sugar free, egg, butter and flour free ‘Starlette Cake’. This low-calorie dessert is only 35 calories and current comes in mango and berry flavors. You can also top it off with her home made granola or dip your cookie in it like I did. It’s light, fluffy, and tastes like a mousse.


Michéle sat down with us and told us her story and I learned that she is not only someone who believes in health, but she believes in hard work and making people feel good. She is a strong woman who goes for what she wants and has the businesses to prove it. Yes, her food it absolutely amazing and much needed in Beverly Hills, but it is also who Michèle is, that makes this little restaurant so special. She truly puts love into every item she sells. Make sure to experience it yourself.

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