Not Sure What to Wear for Spring? Take inspiration from the colors of bingo

With winter nearly over and spring finally rolling around, we can begin to shed our winter coats and get started on sporting the sassy colors that signify spring. Of course, it’s always quite difficult to determine what colors and prints to invest in, but inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. This year, try drawing inspiration and ideas for color combinations from the iconic game of bingo.

As a game, bingo hasn’t changed in centuries, but the BBC reports that it’s been growing increasingly popular thanks to the internet, starting from 20 online bingo sites in 2004 to over 350 in 2012. Today, Free Bingo Hunter, a website specializing in cataloguing these bingo sites, lists hundreds upon hundreds of bingo portals with different themes. Here’s how you can use this classic game to inspire your wardrobe:

Big, Bright, Bold Prints
Of course, spring is never complete without florals and geometric patterns. inStyle Magazine notes that the trendy patterns such as big, bright stripes are all the rage this season, and many designers have experimented with bright, contrasting colors in both geometric and asymmetric designs. Take inspiration from bingo balls and find tops and dresses that have colors that really pop, and designs that really catch the eye.


Novelty Prints
It looks like we’ll have a lot more chances to dress down this spring, as Elle reports that novelty prints are in fashion too. Go all out and wear bingo ball tights if you want to wear a more discreet top. Don’t worry about appearing kitschy – the novelty print trend, paired with the surprising resurgence of bingo, make this the perfect time to go all out with the fun prints.

image 3


Keep It in Line

Stripes make a comeback in SS 2015, sometimes appearing as the highlight of a piece, and sometimes working with some other big, bold print. Tom and Lorenzo have a comprehensive gallery of all the pieces from this coming season’s collection that show stripes in all their glory. Pick a color, pick a direction, and get layering!

image 5

Whether you’re feeling bold enough to sport bright colors, or just want to stick to your comfort zone with more laidback gowns, Spring 2015 is definitely one of the best times to experiment with new looks.




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