Pre-Kings Game Puck & Play Dinner at Nest at WP24

Think fast, you’re headed to a Kings game at Staples Center and you want to eat something above stadium nosh. Consider then, the pre-game Puck & Play dinner at Nest at WP24, (900 W Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015; 213.743.8824) where Wolfgang Puck serves his modern interpretation of traditional Chinese cuisine. It’s $50 a head, but if you consider overpriced stadium food (and the bloat that comes with), that’s not crazy.


The downtown area near Staples makes me bonkers, so escaping for a dim sum-inspired menu on the 24th floor of The Ritz, and being welcomed by the twinkling views of the LA skyline, takes me back to even keel. And if need be, you can be in and out in an hour — I arrived at 6:20 and was outtie by 7:15, rink-side by 7:30.

The menu starts with a choice of three unique creations such as the shrimp & lobster spring roll and pork belly bao bun (couldn’t get enough of this one), followed by the main course offerings of jumbo prawns, Jidori chicken stir fry, and Lap Cheong sausage fried rice. A selection of the chef’s seasonal sweet treats will wrap you up before making your way to the face-off next door.




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