Kye’s (1518 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403; 310.395.5937) is our new obsession. It’s a fast casual restaurant with one-of-a-kind, KyeRito, a portable wrap that has a combo of premium, locally-sourced fare conceived by Owner Jeanne Cheng, who holds degrees in both traditional and holistic medicine.

Chioco Design is behind the bright, vibrant decor, which incorporates a blend of rustic and modern elements. Walls of reclaimed wood, built banquette seating made of natural wool, and accents of succulents on each table allows for a clean, earthy aesthetic.


Kye’s has an eclectic, unique menu that have never seen before (which is rare these days). Sold in patent-pending “slip wrap” packaging that keeps the KyeRito’s freshness and makes them portable, the KyeRitos are available in four categories: Breakfast, Deli Style, Classic Comfort, and Asian-Inspired. The diverse lineup – developed collaboratively by Cheng and a team of consulting chefs, including creative culinary team Rene Ortiz and Laura Sawicki of the Century Club and French Laundry alum Kevin Kathman – has amazing flavor and is nutritious in an accessible way. Chef Rouha Sadighi, (Cleo and Public School), will keep what Cheng created, going in the kitchen.


You can start your day with the Nori n’ Lox (green eggs, smoked salmon, scallion aioli, arugula, tomato, and a white rice quinoa blend wrapped in nori), enjoy a mid-day boost with the Deli Turkey  (premium turkey, goji aioli, sprouts, sprouted sunflower seeds, sugar snap peas, and brown rice wrapped in romaine), or have dinner with The Bulgolgi (marinated beef, kimchi, Asian pear, carrot, cabbage, sweet and spicy red pepper paste, sesame seeds, and a red and black rice blend wrapped in nori). I loved how Kye’s caters to today’s dietary needs. Kye’s offers vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, Paleo, raw, and kid-sized options, as well as a range of add-ins like bonito, freshly ground flax seeds, tridoshic spice mix, and Japanese “furikaki.” The majority are both gluten and dairy-free. You can order anything off the menu and have it cater to your dietary needs. I had my KyeRitos paleo and instead of rice, it was filled with avocado (delish).


My personal favorites were the Nori Burger KyeRito and the Reuben KyeRito. I am gluten free, so to have these options were so exciting and (almost) life changing for me. I rarely get to enjoy a burger or a deli sandwich and Kye’s has changed this. Along with one of their shakes, I felt like I was at in-n-out, but…healthier!


Speaking of shakes, their super food-inspired beverages range from mocktails, shakes, smoothies, and herbal waters. Highlights include the refreshing Kale, Grapefruit, Ginger, Apple, Raw Honey mocktail, the delicious Caramelized Banana Shake, with caramelized bananas, sucanat, soaked cashews, coconut milk, maca, and Chinese Yam, and the nourishing Avocolada Smoothie, featuring avocado, coconut water, pineapple, orange juice, spinach, lime, and sea salt. I love their chocolate shake and mint shake (both vegan)!


End your meal with classic takeaway desserts reimagined in nutritiously and naturally sweet ways, including Black Bean Brownies, Kabocha Squash Squares, and Chocolate Avocado Pudding. All without refined sugar and all super moist and sweetly satisfying.

Now, just for the holidays, get Vegg- Nog! Kye’s has put a healthy spin on an old holiday classic with a blended mix of pecans, soaked cashews, dates, almond milk and spices. It will be available throughout December for $8.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Tuesday-Sunday, 7 am-8 pm.




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