Osawa Turns 1


Osawa (77 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101; 626.683.1150) is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and they’re doing so with the addition of a new chef, new menu items and complimentary sake! here, you can expect ‘Omotenashi’, a traditional form of Japanese hospitality that focuses on treating guests like royalty, and making them as comfortable as you would if they were being welcomed to your home.

Osawa is also welcoming new sushi chef, Chef Seiji Nakano who has 44 years of experience and has worked at Toranoko, Katana and Inagiku at the Bonaventure Hotel. Chef Nakano has such a fan following, that guests make reservations a week in advance so that they can sit at the sushi bar and watch him work.

Chef Nakano joins Chef Norio Yoshikawa, a veteran of Katana and Kagaya who has overseen the kitchen since Osawa’s launch. Chef Yoshikawa’s traditional approach to shabu shabu is legendary, using top-notch ingredients like rib eye, wagyu beef, and the newly added tonkotsu kurobuta pork. Chef Yoshikawa has also added a brand newS hokado bento box to the menu, which offers a selection of sushi, sashimi and traditional meats.

Osawa’s daily specials change frequently to reflect the local and seasonal markets. Among the current spring specials are Snapper Arare TempuraFried Potato with Shichimi and Yuzu AioliCrispy Brussels with Curry Salt and Jidori Chicken Liver Mousse. This month, the sushi specials include Uni TofuJelly FishBlue Fin Tuna and more.

As part of Sayuri and Osawa’s dedication to ‘Omotenashi’, guests who come to visit Osawa through out May will each be treated to a complimentary glass of sake. The celebratory sake of choice will be Jitsuraku Junmai from Hyogo, Japan, which is just one of several new sakes that have been added to Osawa’s drink menu.

Photo Credit:  Courtesy of Osawa


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