Host the Perfect Party from Home

Hosting a party at home is an inexpensive alternative to renting out a pricey venue. With the right resources, a home is a great setting for housewarming gatherings, birthday parties or even wedding receptions. Regardless of the occasion, use these six tips to follow at-home party etiquette and throw a flawless rendezvous.

1. Create a Functional Guest List
Keep guests comfortable by not crowding them into a restricted space. Avoid inviting the entire neighborhood to a house party if the location doesn’t have ample square footage to host everyone at the same time. Although inviting a large number of people may seem polite, make sure there is enough room for guests to walk around comfortably and converse at a reasonable volume. Further, try to include guests that get along. Invite groups who might hit it off or have similar interests to keep the socializing drama-free.

2. Decide on a Theme
Incorporating a theme is not vital for a great party, but it definitely helps when it comes to quick event planning. Creating a theme makes decorations, food and attire easy decisions. Roaring ‘20s and classic Hollywood are always considered worthy black-tie event themes. For a more casual gathering, consider a region-specific celebration such as an English-inspired tea party or a Southern Hoedown. Coming up with an original theme is a great way to showcase creativity to company, so don’t be afraid to throw around some never-been-done concepts.

3. Clean Up the Location
There is nothing worse than going to a house party and being forced to use a dirty bathroom. Make sure to heavily clean places where guests are gathering, especially the restroom, a few days before the event. Right before guests are due to arrive, do a quick scan for any dirty, lone socks or random papers lying around the house. Keeping tidy is beneficial for the host and guests.

4. Consider Catering and Valet Service
Formal catering and parking services are welcomed luxuries if they are in the budget. Guests appreciate having their cars taken care of, especially if they would otherwise have to walk from a remote parking location. By hiring a professional chef, time can be focused on other aspects of the party. However, these are costly alternatives. Prioritize guest’s needs; don’t omit alcohol for extra fancy hors d’oeuvres, for example. Alternatively, don’t offer potato chips to accompany top shelf liquor. The menu should be consistent and classy.

5. Expect Rain or Shine
Prepare for inclement weather if hosting an outdoor party. There should always be an alternative location for guests to hangout, such as a large living room or basement, in case of an unexpected downpour. Keep extra, clean towels on hand for drenched guests who aren’t ready to leave the party.

Unanticipated problems can arise during the night, but these six steps should help lessen a negative impact on the celebration. Want to throw a cozy soiree but don’t have the home yet? Check out homes on Zillow and get one step closer to hosting the ultimate celebration.




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