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SKN Beverly Hills

SKN Beverly Hills is a skincare company that’s on top of its game. Started in 1987 by leading Beverly Hills dermatologist, Marvin J. Rapaport MD and his then pre-med daughter, Vicki Rapaport, their items have become staples in the beauty and cleansing routines of beautiful Angelenos. Marvin J. Rapaport MD developed a simple, 5 product line for his patients in his own Beverly Hills office.

Vicki, now a Beverly Hills dermatologist, has taken over the company and has expanded the line to a never-ending list of essential skin products for the face and body. Vicki felt that the line lacked teenage-targeted products for her “zitty skin”. Vicki developed problem-targeted cleansers and high-tech skin creams. One of her favorite products is the matte moisturizer (Zit Down & Shut Up), which is perfect for hot summers.

Now, SKN Beverly Hills  has eye creams, sunscreens, and cosmetics in addition to skincare, all focusing on giving you your best skin. People love the cleansers, moisturizers, and masks which can only be purchased in the Rapaport’s Beverly Hills Dermatology office or online.




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