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9021Pho’s newest location opened in WeHo, and the primo real estate couldn’t fit its fun and fresh ambiance any better. On the same corner as the Griddle Café on Sunset Blvd., it’s a great alternative if you don’t feel like waiting in line for an hour and a half to gorge on a pancake the size of your head.

At 9021Pho, you quickly realize you’re not in your typical pho restaurant with a clever pun name – it’s clean and spacious, and you don’t have to point at a number on the menu to order what you want. As Chef Kimmy Tang puts it, 9021Pho is Vietnamese-centric with a French and Cali twist and has plenty more options than just pho to offer. However of course I had to try the pho, and must say, what the pho that’s a big bowl. Ok, I told myself I’d just do that only once. The lemongrass chicken had the perfect kick of lemongrass while not being too saucy, and the house fave is the Crispy Fish appetizer, panko-fried whitefish with original French spicy aioli.  Shall I say it’s pho-nomenal?  Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And like any good French fusion, the desserts are delicious- the tiramisu and crème brulee do not disappoint.  This is 9021Pho’s fifth location with three more on the way.




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