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Le Mervetty

Le Mervetty (319 N Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210; 310.804.9409) is a new French shop specializing in Merveilleux, a meringue and whipped cream based French confection. The shop is named after pastry chef and owner Etty Benhamou and she has created a version of the French classic with elements that reflect her vision and her time spent in France.

The take-away patisserie features five flavors including chocolate, nutella, coffee, praline and speculoos in two sizes, as well as larger cake-sized offerings upon request. Seasonal specials and special event offerings will also be available, including the signature Pavlova Merveilleux made with meringue and strawberries. Each morning you can also enjoy freshly baked individual meringues and canelé. The boutique retail space, designed by Anna Nikitina, features modern French décor and the logo, inspired by the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, is carried throughout the store from the tutu aprons on the servers to the luxurious packaging.

Open Tuesday–Sunday, 9 am–6 pm.




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