Gunpowder, (202 S Main St., Los Angeles, 90291) is Santa Monica’s s new tea cafe that is about to change that way you steep your tea leaves. Owner Mike Franzini, a local writer/director/photographer, will have Gunpowder open 24/7 and serving tea lattes, tea and herbal infusions, caffeinated cold-brewed tea, cold tea and fruit-based drinks in flavors like white tea-strawberry, jasmine-Asian pear, and cocoa shell. He is also serving food, like tea-based gelato and gluten-free/low glycemic baked goods by Merce Muse.

Coffee lovers, there’s something here for you too. Gunpowder is brewing a Java black tea blend made from chicory and guayusa, which looks just like coffee but packs even more caffeine. More caffeine? You’ll be a tea drinker, yet!

The space is divided between lounge and work area, so no one is disturbed. Cozy up in comfy chairs and couches on one side or get a spot at the long wood slab fitted with outlets and USB charging ports. It will be your new office.




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