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Asian Box

Bowls are so 2013! Burbank and Downtown LA are about to get Northern California’s Asian Box (116 E Palm Ave., Burbank; 445 S Figueroa St., Downtown). Throw away your bowls, because, here, you can customize pan-Asian boxes with a choice of short grain brown rice, long grain Jasmine rice, Asian vegetable salad, chilled rice noodles, then add a protein (SIX spice blend chicken, lemongrass pork, garlic and soy glazed beef, coconut curry tofu, and lime basil topped shrimp), and then grab steamed or wok tossed veggies, toppings (jalapeno, herbs, bean sprouts, pickled vegetables, crispy shallots, fresh lime squeeze, scallion oil, caramel egg, and chopped peanuts), and sauces (Tamarind Vinaigrette, Miss Jones’ Sriracha, No-Oil Fish Sauce, Asian Street Dust™, Hot Box It™, and Peanut Sauce). A box here will run you $6.95-7.25 depending on the ingredients you pick. They also have sides like tofu spring rolls, shrimp spring rolls, glass noodle salad, and jungle jerky.





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