Blue C Sushi

Presenting a Japanese Drum procession outside of the Arclight for their grand opening, Blue C Sushi (6374 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 90028; 323.391.2241) Hollywood has made a splash at their new home (pardon the pun). They also unveiled the blue carpet. (I didn’t make that up). The innovative chain, led by Jeffrey Lunak of “Iron Chef” distinction and head chef Junya Enoki, has made a name on combining Japanese tradition with cutting edge technology. The conveyor belt that zips through the restaurant, inspired by the Tokyo subway system, allows customers to choose what they want, when they want- even with gluten free options! Not impressed? Each dish has a chip that keeps track of who made it and when, ensuring quality and freshness. New items to check out: the Spicy Tuna Tostada, the Loaded Baked Potato Roll, and the TBLT, (Tuna BLT).




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