Warwick (6507 W Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, 90028; 323.460.6667) is the new, stunning, sexy spot from restaurateur and events guru, Jeffrey Best. He brought on Sylvain Bitton and J.T. Torregiani, two of today’s pioneering figures of the L.A. nightlife scene and the men behind Aventine and Beso.

Warwick has taken the concept of cocktail culture and upped the game on several different levels. First, there’s the Warwick Workshop, an adjacent space next to the lounge dedicated to creating all the mixings, fixings and ingredients necessary to craft the venue’s signature drinks. It’s here that you’ll not only find organic produce, garnishes and special creations like sea salt infused with fresh vanilla bean, but it’s also where all of the juices are freshly squeezed and pressed daily and everything is made from scratch, right down to the simple syrup.

While Warwick has a standing cocktail list, it’s in their tableside cocktail service that the lounge really shines. And no, it’s not the table service you’re used to. Gone are the watered-down cranberry juice, cans of Red Bull and orange juice from concentrate. You will have several options to choose from and several ways to choose them. For example, there are cocktail offerings like a Manhattan or Lemon Drop, with everything one needs to create the ultimate version of those classic drinks, and variations thereof, which will be brought to their table along with the finest spirits available. For some cocktails there’s even the equipment the cocktail attendant needs to make ice spheres, perfectly sized to fill the base of the glass.

If you would like a particular alcohol with several different mixers and addition items to play with, that’s a possibility to explore as well. You are welcome to make your own drinks or you can enjoy the show as one of Warwick’s attendants will craft your cocktails at the table, offering fresh fruit, fresh herbs and whatever other ingredients you desire. Either way, if you come up with a unique concoction that you fell in love with, Warwick will name the drink after you and keep it on file for the next visit. If you do not finish your bottles before the night is through, they’re stored behind the bar until their next visit. As Best explains it, “It’s bespoke cocktails.”

The venue’s gorgeous design incorporates wood that creates the rich, warm flooring reclaimed from Frank Sinatra’s old home, and the oak hutches that accent each of the table service platforms which were handcrafted and driven cross country from Ohio direct from the woodcrafter’s woodshop. Three fireplaces, two on the main floor and one in the upstairs hideaway, were built from scratch using reclaimed bricks from a church that was demolished in the 30’s.

The upstairs hideaway, which fits up to 100 guests, has its own bar nestled in the back of the all-white space, accented by antiqued mirrors and reclaimed factory windows that look out onto the living room space down below. Two striking triptych paintings from artist Samuel Bayer frame either side of the main room, while artful nudes by artists including Renoir, Picasso and Rembrandt line the brick walls, which are pre-’33, and the building itself was originally built in the 20’s. The entire space feels like an upper class, tastefully decorated living room in a multimillion-dollar mansion, but it’s one where you can still feel comfortable being yourself.

Open every Wednesday-Saturday, 9 pm-2 am, for resys: reservations@warwickla.com or call 323.460.6667

Photo Credit: Alen Lin




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