Umami Launches Truffle Season Menu

Umami Burger is debuting a new The Truffle Season Menu to celebrate truffle season.  This means they are bring back the M.N.O. Burger (Money’s No Object), new and improved. The M.N.O. Burger 2013 Edition is made with Bryan Flannery Wagyu Beef, Vintage Port Reduction and freshly shaved white truffles, and where legal, lightly seared foie gras. Available in limited quantities, this $75 (with foie gras) or $65 (without ) burger is available on Thursdays-Saturdays in December at UMAMIcatessen. If you order the M.N.O. Burger, you will also receive a 2013 M.N.O. Burger T-Shirt. The Truffle Season Menu will run at Umami Burger from November 4th-December 31st. The M.N.O. Burger is available at select locations in limited quantities starting December 5th. Except for the M.N.O. Burger, items on the special truffle menu will range from $5 – 15, so everyone can celebrate truffle season in an Umami Burger way.

Umami Burger’s Truffle Season Menu includes:

Irish Truffle Fries – thin fries, truffle cheese fondue, truffle shiitake, shredded lardon, chives ($9)

Truffled Ahi Salad – raw ahi, truffle dressing, truffle tossed arugula, lemon, truffled shiitake, cabernet onions ($15)

Truffle Shiitake Royale Burger – signature beef patty, truffled shiitake, truffle cheese, truffle glaze ($14)

Truffle Speciale Burger – signature beef patty, truffle thyme butter, parmesan frico, fried egg, truffle salt, truffle aioli ($13)

Truffle Salted Ice Cream –chocolate ice cream, truffle glaze, truffle salt ($5)




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