Ivory Mason

I first came across Ivory Mason at the Silicon Beach Ivory Mason Pop Up Shop event at Sfixio in Beverly Hills. I quickly fell in love with their retro take on eye glass frames and sunglasses. I couldn’t decide which frames were my favorite. Everyone was having a blast trying on all different types of looks. (And I always get complements on mine when I wear them).

Ivory Mason began with a philosophy, that you should be able to express your true self, unaffected by norms, structure, or authority. They captured that spirit and made glasses that make you feel like part of an elite underground society whose members are unique in expression, style, and who are hungry to experience life.

Ivory Mason has grown to be an influential retailers of glasses, that have avant-garde and unique designs. Made of the highest quality materials, you can be confident that you will be wearing frames for as long as people believe in that free spirited philosophy.




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