Fritzi Dog


Last Friday night chef Neal Fraser (Grace, BLD) opened up his new artisan hot dog spot, Fritzi Dog (6333 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90036) at The Farmers Market for a test run and they have continued serving since. Fritzi Dog takes a high quality approach to the hot dog (menu here).There are five to chose from including The Porker (curry-esque pork option), Bird Dog (dark meat turkey, duck and duck fat), all beef, pork, classic Deli dog and their signature, which brings together beef, pork, Chilean merken and merguez. Next, grab your buns. They have Rockenwagner buns that come in a gluten-free, buttery brioche, The Parker (sweet and doughy) or pretzel, which is salty with a crunchy outside, soft inside. Toppings range from sauerkraut to grilled onions to bacon aioli to Sriracha ketchup to violet mustard and they are all made in house. Tots and fries are extra and you can get them with or without cheese. Unless you go balls to the wall with “premium topping” or “house sauce,” a standard dog costs $6.25. So, mix and match bun, dog and toppings galore. There’s even a breakfast dog which has of a dog and omelette with Tillamook cheddar on a brioche bun. Official opening is set for October 25.

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