Heywood, (3337½ W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 90026) is going to be your new spot for cheesey, melted, yumminess.

It’s a simple, warm, welcoming spot with yellow tablecloths and round mirrors with gold sunbeams. And it’s open late. Scarf at 1 am! Feeling Spicy? You can nosh on Muy Caliente (fontina & spicy jack cheese on jalapeño bread) or if you’re more of a sweet tooth person, grab the Bon Appétit Brie (triple-cream brie on cinnamon-raisin bread with fig jam & raspberry sugar sprinkles). They also have a soup of the day and a few salads, but we know why you’re really here.

On twitter use #Heywood to make a suggestion of a cheesy combo you want to see. You’ll see it pop up on the menu, so go by late-night and chow down.




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