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Beachy Cream

Beachy Cream, (1209 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, 90408) is the organic ice cream sandwich shop and it’s open on Wilshire. They have combos like Key Lime Cowabunga (Key Lime ice cream on a coconut oatmeal cookie), Strawberry Surfer Girl (Strawberry balsamic swirl ice cream on a sugar cookie), Ginger Wipe Out (Candied ginger ice cream on a molasses spice cookie), Bitchin’ Chocolate Chocolate (“Hot” chocolate ice cream on a brownie cookie), Surfin’ Safari Chocolate Chip (Vanilla bean ice cream on a chocolate chip cookie) and gulten and dairy free, Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie with dairy-free vanilla bean ice cream. Plus, they have hot fudge and butterscotch sundaes, ice cream cones make from pretzels and root beer floats. Open daily from 11 am-11 pm.




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