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Wirtshaus’ Stein Club & New Happy Hour Deals

Los Angeles German Restaurant and Biergarten, Wirtshaus, (345 N La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, 90036; 323.931.9291) launches “Stein Club”, and new Happy Hour food deals

On Thursday, March 15 get into Wirtshaus’ Stein Club (which does not carry a membership fee)! The membership is granted to those who drink at least one pint of each of Wirtshaus’ draft beers within a three-month period. You better get to drinking because Wirtshaus’ Stein Club will only be open to 25 members. Once you’re in the club, will receive a special club member t-shirt, a membership card and an engraved nameplate above the stein of their choice, which will be reserved solely for their use and hung above the Wirtshaus bar. Members will also be privy to regular members-only events, and as part of their membership, receive one free stein of each new beer that gets put into Wirtshaus’ beer menu rotation (Wirtshaus usually features at least one new beer per month).

Wirtshaus is also introducing new food deals during their Happy Hour(s), which are 3 pm-6 pm, Monday-Friday. Happy Hour already offers deals on beer and wine,  and now get 25% off any appetizer on Wirtshaus’ dinner menu.




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