Sushi Spots

Looking for a good sushi spot? Many of them are pretty hidden. well, these are hidden no more:

Dodge the tourist and the sceney Hollywood nightspots to a side street off Hollywood Boulevard. There’s no sushi bar (the chefs work in a deli-like workspace) and no booze. But, get their bowls of rice, topped with whatever cuts of raw fish you like. Nothing exotic here and your bill will be on the cheap. Grab a spot at the outdoor café next door and let the people watching begin. 7160 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles

Get ready for a sushi dive bar. (My two favorite things in one). There is a wall blocking this spot’s front window, so it’s a hidden walk in spot. Once you have made it past the wall/door, you’ll see weathered, standard Japanese decor and one sushi chef. Sit at the bar and you won’t be handed a menu. You will get tangy amberjack, halibut carpaccio and pepper-seared tuna nigiri. They go one a slower pace here. So drink up that sake. 13447 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks; 818.906.7274

Sick of your upscale sushi spots? Snag a spot at this spot in the back corner of a strip mall. It’s quiet, and has raw fish and cooked dishes. 8385 Beverly Blvd., Mid-City West; 323.653.0470




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