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Sunny Spot

Sunny Spot (822 Washington Blvd., Venice; 310.448.8884) is a new tropical fusion spot opening November 18 at 5 pm in the old Beechwood spot in Venice. They have bold flavors that were inspired by the West Indies. Munch on dishes like sugar cane fried pigs feet with chili vinegar, charred squid (with passion fruit, coconut, chili, and mint), rum glazed prawns (with Diablo sauce, garlic butter and herbs) and for dessert, sweet potato souffle with toasted marshmallow ice cream or simply ask for a ding dong.

As for drinks, rum is where it’s at. Try the Air Mail (Barbados rum, hibiscus, lime, Champagne), Imperial Fizz (Rye, Jamaican rum, Angostura, egg-white, lemon) or Through the Looking Glass (Golden raisin infused rum, brandy, maraschino, lemon and champagne).




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