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Bia Hoi

Local craft brewer Eagle Rock Brewery and Silver Lake’s Gingergrass came together to produce a unique Vietnamese concept of Bia Hoi or “fresh beer” at the eatery’s new bakery/bar which opens today.

During the day, the new spot next to the restaurant will serve baked treats, sandwiches, fresh salads and other Vietnamese deli items. At night, it transforms into a lounge and waiting area for the Vietnamese bistro. They all wanted to recreate the community cafés that serve this drink in Vietnam and give a nod to their culture.

The cozy space will feature the Bia Hoi (“fresh beer”) which is very light and has a lower alcohol content. Different then Eagle Rock Brewery’s normal craft beer, they stepped up to the challenge of creating Bia Hoi. In addition to Bia Hoi, you can enjoy bar snacks like pork shoulder banh bao, conch & green mango salad served with shrimp chips and garlic-ginger peanuts dusted with kafir-lime salt.




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