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Delphine’s Tuesday Wing Nite

Last Tuesday I headed to Delphine (6250 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 90028; 323.798.1355) at the W Hotel in Hollywood to check out their Wing Nite. I started off tasting their signature cocktails, Early Tea and Honey Bee. I was sold on the Strawberry tasting Early Tea and quickly ordered one. As for the wings, you have a slew of unique flavors to chose from. My personal favorites were the Delphine Red Hots (typical hot wings), Truffle Cheese (yes, wings made with truffle oil and sprinkled with cheese), Spiced Honey (breaded wings with spiced honey drizzled on them) and the Ranch Country (Ranch flavor to dip in and actually cooked on the wings). Ok, so I loved a lot of them. Along with the wings, there are sides like potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw and carrots & celery with bleu cheese. (all the wings come with dipping sauces too).

After speaking with Chef Sasha, he explained he wanted a menu that was laid back and anyone could relate to. He said, when chefs get off of work late night they are hungry and order up certain tastes or flavors and thats where he came up with the unique flavors of wings. He also discussed how chefs in general like to eat with their hands (as do I) and wings are of course a finger food.

This night was just up my alley. A gorgeous restaurant, (I am an ambiance person moreso than a foodie) but eating with my hands and making a mess. I highly recommend checking this spot out on any Tuesday night. Get ready for wings and drinks like you’ve never had before and it goes down every Tuesday night.




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