Suck It Sweets and Treats

Suck It Sweets and Treats (4361½ Tujunga Ave., Studio City; 818.980.7825) is serving up all-natural, gourmet, gluten-free frozen treats on a stick (sucksicles). They create their refreshing sweets from fresh herbs from the shop’s patio garden, natural sweeteners like cane sugar, agave and seasonal farmers market produce. Get ready for flavors like HaChaCha (Mexican chocolate, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, toasted almonds), Oui Oui (French lavender, fresh lemonade) and Fire in the Hole (ruby red grapefruit, jalapeno). Priced at only $3-4, this shop won’t break the bank. They also have baked goodies like pecan pie, cookies, candy, and raw chocolate truffles.



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