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Farmshop Family Dinners

Farmshop Family Dinners (225 26th St; Brentwood; 310.566.2400) will be opening soon for dinners, which will all be three or four courses served family-style. The menu is different every night, so think of it as a surprise when you get there. There entrees are all farm-to-table, like their Tuscan herb-enhanced fried chicken with sides like poppy-seed slaw & sweet corn/peppers, spiced lamb leg with lemon, apricot & black olive,  rib eye with walnuts & wild mushrooms, appetizers like tomato salad with dried fava bean hummus, fried chickpeas, and olive toast, cheese platters and desserts like a buttermilk panna cotta with blackberries. As for drinks, they have soju cocktails, like the “English Hot House” with cucumber juice, agave syrup, and lemon, and a wine and beer list with most bottles from Cali. Plans are also in the works for a market with a butcher and bakery!




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