MexiKosher‘s (8832 W Pico, Mid-Wilshire, 310.271.0900) is something that would only come about in LA. A Mexican restaurant with all things Kosher. The basic menu’s has burritos, tacos, nachos, which you can add whatever you like…carne asada, baja fish, beef schnitzel, and birria (lamb and beef braised for 16 hrs in mixed dried chilis). The chef’s got specials every day (homemade tamales, grilled sweetbreads) all Kosher, with soy-based sour cream and duck-and-brisket “carnitas.” Top it all off with one of their 15 salsa options including mango habanero, roasted tomato & garlic, and an insanely spicy one made with ghost chili. So grab your Mexikosher goodness at this small, casual room with one side constructed of stones from Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Talk about holiness.



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