La Monarca Bakery

I was invited to go and experience the new La Monarca Bakery ( 1300 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 90403; 310.451.114) in Santa Monica about a week ago and it amazed me. When you walk in, your senses will be enticed, but not overloaded by the sweet Mexican bakery. The interior, with it’s vibrant yellows and golden hues, is homey and uplifting, and that mirrors exactly how the bakery makes you feel. As I sat and sampled the delicious breads, desserts, savorys and the must have Café Oaxaca (espresso, Mexican chocolate and milk), I watched regulars and first timers all greeted with a smile. The owner, Richardo, loves what he does and although the bakery was bustling the whole time I was there, he was never frazzled and he made time for everyone. He explained to me how their delecacies do not have anything artifical and although they are sweets, they have 1/3 less sugar than American sweets. I also learned that Mexican breads and pastries are all named for what they look like. Like the conchas (sea shells). It was obvious he is passionate about his 3 La Monarca locations. This is one comforting, welcoming spot to check out for delicious cakes, pastries, and the best vegetarian chorizo in LA!




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