A Night at the Opera


“A Night at the Opera”, the premiere production of interactive entertainment company Into the Film, is an immersive experience that brings the classic story “The Phantom of the Opera” to life and takes you where the escape room falls short. The party begins before you even arrive to the event, held at the Historical Woman Club of Santa Monica, as you are given details on the character you will be playing that evening with specific instructions to follow. The scene is 1880’s Paris, and mixed within the guests are magicians and actors to keep you on your toes, all while musicians perform the score of the film live.  It is hard not to get caught up in the excitement, thanks to the upscale dress code, handmade crepes and cocktails, and the exquisite set design created by legendary production designer Richard Holland (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Princess Bride, and Labyrinth).  Because your interactions with the actors and other guests are crucial to playing the game and furthering the story, no guests will have the same experience, heightening the drama and suspense.  “Into the Film” is the perfect change of pace for friends looking for adventure, but don’t be surprised if you get separated along the way.  And don’t worry if you’re flying solo because you will meet people throughout the night as you crack the clues together.

“Into the Film”, hot off their successful two weekend run of “A Night at the Opera”, will soon be bringing other epic films and themes to life.

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