5 Tips for Landing the Perfect Nursing Job in LA – What to Look For


So, you have spent a great deal of time listing your nursing resumé skills and any education and work experience you’ve had to date. You know that you want to get a job in LA because that is where you live, you have family here and quite frankly, you can’t see yourself living anywhere else. This is where you call home! But, even so, now that you are out of school and in search of nursing careers, how do you go about landing the perfect job in LA? Here are five tips and five things you should look for on your search.

1. Job Stability
If you are going to submit your nursing resumé to several places, the first thing you should really consider is job stability. You want to land that perfect nursing job that will still be there a year or two or five down the road. You want a job you can count on paying the bills.

2. Travel Time
Oh goodness, this is LA you are talking about and you know what the traffic is like! As one of the cities that are always in the top few worst cities for commuting to and from work, you need to calculate how long the drive will be and whether or not there is adequate public transportation in the event it will be faster than driving. If you are looking at what should be on your nursing resumé, you might want to list that you do have reliable transportation if needed.

3. Growth Potential
Another thing to be aware of is whether or not there is growth potential where you are applying. If you are considering advancing in your career to a nurse practitioner, for example, a small to medium physician’s office may be a better option than a hospital if they are looking to add one in the future. Then again, a hospital might have benefits that pay all or part of your tuition as you advance in your career. Always speak of your desire to grow in your job on your nurse resume.

4. Benefits Packages
As previously mentioned, benefits are an important part of the job. Is there a 401k in place and do they meet a portion of what you put into your fund with their own money? Do you get paid vacations, sick time, personal days, and maternity (paternity) leave, and will you get a stipend towards furthering your education? These are all serious considerations in nursing careers.

5. Are You a Good Fit?
Finally, when you do submit your resumé and are called in for the initial interview, how do you feel? Do you feel like you will be a good fit? If you feel out of place and uncomfortable, chances are there is something that needs closer attention. Could it be the attitudes of those you meet while there or perhaps the ‘ambiance’ of the facility? There is something to be said of first impressions and they do go both ways. If you aren’t comfortable, keep looking!

LA is a huge metropolitan area with thousands upon thousands of nursing jobs available. If you don’t find one today, there is always tomorrow, but these five tips should help you on your road to a career in nursing. Good luck and happy hunting!

By Whitney

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