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A Luxurious So Let’s Shop Experience with Jennie Garth at the SLS Beverly Hills

On December 1st I stepped into a winter wonderland at the SLS Beverly Hills, swept away by the enchanting So Let’s Shop event hosted by The Modern Day Wife. This three-part celebration unfolded like a beautifully wrapped gift, offering a delightful blend of indulgence, inspiration, and festive cheer. Cover Photo Credit: Kenzie Rich Photography

The day commenced with a delightful high tea, a whimsical prelude that set the tone for the luxurious experience ahead. Delicate teacups clinked as we indulged in delectable pastries, savoring the elegant ambiance and the company of fellow stylish attendees.

An image of the pasties at the SLS high tea.
So Let’s Shop‘s high tea includes delectable pastries and tea sandwiches. Photo Credit: Kenzie Rich Photography

Following the sweet prelude, we were captivated by a panel discussion focused on wellness and self-care. The insightful dialogue, featuring experts and tastemakers, provided valuable tips and strategies for navigating the holiday season with mindfulness and intention.

The highlight of the afternoon was a captivating Q&A session with actress Jennie Garth, a beloved icon from Beverly Hills, 90210. Her genuine warmth and engaging anecdotes offered a glimpse into her personal life and philosophies, leaving the audience both entertained and inspired.

An image of actress Jennie Garth.
Actress Jennie Garth speaks during a captivating Q&A session. Photo Credit: Kenzie Rich Photography

As the afternoon unfolded, the SLS Beverly Hills transformed into a luxurious holiday shopping destination. An array of curated boutiques showcased a treasure trove of offerings, from exquisite jewelry and fashion to beauty essentials. Each vendor presented their wares with meticulous attention to detail, creating an inviting atmosphere that made shopping a truly immersive experience.

An image of a jewelry vendor at the SLS shopping event.
As the afternoon unfolds, the SLS Beverly Hills transforms into a luxurious holiday shopping destination with curated boutiques. Photo Credit: Cristina Bernes Photography

Adding to the festive atmosphere, the Modern Holiday Beauty Lounge offered complimentary hair and makeup consultations, allowing guests to embrace their inner beauty and step into the holiday season with confidence. The melodious tunes of a live DJ provided the perfect soundtrack as we browsed through the exquisite collections, while a mesmerizing fashion show showcased the latest trends in style.

An image of two models from the fashion show.
A mesmerizing fashion show showcases the latest trends in style. Photo Credit: Kenzie Rich Photography

So Let’s Shop was more than just a shopping event; it was a celebration of sisterhood, self-care, and the spirit of giving. It was a reminder to embrace the joy of the season and find moments of delight in the midst of the holiday hustle. As the event concluded, I left with a renewed sense of inspiration, a heart filled with warmth, and a shopping bag brimming with treasures.

Cheers to a truly magical experience and to the upcoming holidays filled with love, laughter, and light!




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