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Ho! Ho! Ho! The Ultimate Tech Gift Guide

There is always at least one person in your life that feels impossible to shop for. But for those who love and appreciate technology and the latest tech gifts, there are so many incredible items on the market that can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Whether you hope to support a friend’s new photography passion with old-school camera film or delve into the meta-universe with smart glasses, the tech lover in your life won’t be disappointed this festive season. 

An image of a camera on a table with a laptop and cellphone.
The latest tech gifts include items like old-school camera film for the photographer in your life.

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker

If you know someone who loves coffee and seems to spend a fortune at their favorite coffee shop, the Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker is a smart device that allows users to custom-make their perfect cup of coffee based on their personal taste and specifications. 

It works with any of the existing Keurig K-Cups and has an integrated milk frother, helping you prepare delicious coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and tea. Furthermore, you can choose to prepare a hot drink or brew over ice. 

Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer Smart Glasses

There is a lot of hype surrounding virtual and augmented reality eyewear. Some find them an exciting new addition to the ever-increasing technological world we live in, while others simply see them as a waste of money. 

For those interested in this new technology, the Ray-Ban Meta glasses, which were designed in collaboration with Meta, are the perfect blend of functionality and the classic style of this iconic brand. Once on, the wearer is able to stream music from their smartphone or smartwatch, participate in hands-free calls, have incoming messages read out loud and compose outgoing messages by using their voice, among other capabilities. 

Victrola Eastwood Signature 3-Speed Turntable

In today’s digital age, you will struggle to meet someone who doesn’t have an online subscription to at least one music streaming platform. Older formats like records, 8-track tapes, and CDs are considered obsolete. 

However, many people still deeply cherish the memory of sitting by a record player, spinning vinyl, and listening to their favorite tunes. The Victrola Eastwood Signature 3-Speed Turntable is the ideal gift to transport them back to simpler times and give them the chance to rediscover their love of old classics. 

An image of a record player.
Many people still deeply cherish the memory of sitting by a record player, spinning vinyl, and listening to their favorite tunes.

Logitech Wave Keys Keyboard & Lift Mouse

With more people than ever working from home, often using smaller desks than they are used to at the office, investing in an ergonomic keyboard and matching mouse is a smart decision. The Logitech Wave Keys Keyboard is a fantastic compact and affordable ergonomic keyboard that is compatible with PCs and Macs. It may be smaller than many other brands, but it still includes a full numeric keypad. 

Furthermore, the Logitech Lift Mouse is a vertical wireless mouse that encourages and promotes a more natural, healthy wrist position during use, which can be especially beneficial to those with RSI issues. 

Apple Air Tags

If you have an Apple user in your life who is constantly forgetting where they left their keys, handbag, or any other essential item, an Apple Airtag is the perfect stocking stuffer gift. These clever Bluetooth trackers are only 1.6 inches wide and can easily be placed inside bags, backpacks, or luggage.

Furthermore, there is an easy-to-attach Airtag holder that can be connected to a key chain, a phone case, or your animal’s collar for real-time tracking purposes. While an iPhone can be used to track linked air tags that are within a certain proximity, it can also be used to alert you if someone has left an Airtag behind. 

The most helpful function of this tracker comes with Lost Mode, a feature that, once activated, uses Apple to connect to a global network of iPhone users to locate a missing item anywhere in the world. This is done automatically, anonymously, and in the background of your phone so as not to disrupt your usage in any way. 

An image of several Apple airtags.
An Apple Airtag is the perfect stocking stuffer gift.

Amazon Scribe

For the avid readers and notetakers out there, the Amazon Scribe is a fully equipped Kindle e-reader that has been a fan favorite since its release. The 10.2-inch PaperWhite display mimics the look of real paper and is visible under any light, from direct sunlight to a dark room. 

It has 16GB of internal storage, providing plenty of space to hold thousands of eBooks or hundreds of audiobooks. What sets this clever device apart from other Amazon Kindles is that it comes with a stylus, allowing you to use it as a digital note-taking tool. Users can create an unlimited number of digital notebooks with unlimited digital pages. 

Brava Smart Oven

Preparing restaurant-quality meals at home can be a hassle for even the best cook. But it becomes a nearly impossible task for someone with little experience or skill in the kitchen. That is where smart technology comes into play. The Brava smart oven is a plethora of clever technology that helps make even those elaborate meals quick and simple. 

Don’t be fooled by its appearance. It is not just a typical convection oven but is ten devices packed into one countertop machine. This single appliance can work as a traditional convection oven, air fryer, toaster, slow cooker, reheater, dehydrator, rice cooker, and more. It can also roast and bake anything. The best part is that it is easy to learn and comes programmed with more than 7,000 customizable cooking programs, which can be accessed via the mobile app. 




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