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Fashion Items Every Women’s Winter Wardrobe Should Have

Winter can be a difficult time for dressing, especially if you live somewhere with freezing temperatures, rain, or snow. However, it becomes far more accessible to remain stylish when you have the essentials and know the layering basics. 

The Basics

Firstly, you need the basics, in particular, t-shirts and socks. T-shirts are brilliant as a base layer as they aren’t too thick, they keep the heat in, and you can still comfortably add a long-sleeve shirt, a jersey, and a coat if you want. 

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Thick socks are the best thing to keep your feet warm, and they also allow you to wear “non-Winter” shoes; you can wear Crocs paired with socks if you want and still be warm.

Winter Leggings

Winter leggings are often thicker than regular ones and are perfect for layering or just wearing them on their own. They are incredibly versatile and can be worn around the house, to the office, or out for lunch. 

Black is always a solid color to choose, but you considering how affordable they can be, you can pick up green, brown, or beige pairs if you want to add a bit of color to your look. 

Base Layers

Base layers include t-shirts but also extend into items such as long-sleeve t-shirts, or exercise shorts for extra warmth. A thin polar neck is one of the best base layers to own as it can provide warmth but can also be worn on its own when you are inside. 


Winter sneakers are a must in any wardrobe, and while they aren’t drastically different to regular sneakers, there are a few things you should look for. Firstly, choose a pair that is breathable but still keeps the warmth in; they shouldn’t make your feet sweat, but they should be able to keep the cold air, rain, and moisture out and keep the heat in. 

Also, look for a pair that offers decent traction and grip. Once again, depending on where you live, Winter brings snow and ice, and shoes that don’t have proper grip will leave you slipping and sliding and potentially injuring yourself. 


A coat is arguably the most important item in your Winter wardrobe. They keep you warm, block the wind, can protect you against rain or snow, and are generally the best all-around Winter essential. 

When choosing a coat, look for one that buttons or zips up, and as mentioned before, one that is wool-lined if possible. It can also be beneficial to choose one that has a hood, as that extra layer of head and neck protection can come in handy. 

An image of a woman in w winter coat.
A coat is arguably the most important item in your Winter wardrobe.


Regarding accessories, you only need three, and most people know what they are. A scarf, beanie, and a pair of gloves are highly beneficial in Winter as they protect the parts of our bodies that are usually not covered by clothing. Once again, choose wool or something close to it, and if you look after them, they will last for many seasons. 

What to Remember

When dressing for Winter and creating a Winter wardrobe, you should remember a few things to ensure you are warm and chic, too.


Layering is your best friend when it gets cold. The benefits of layering are two-fold; firstly, it ensures you keep the heat in, and there is less space for it to escape, and secondly, you can take off a layer or two when you are indoors, which is often far warmer than outside. 

Layering is also one of the go-to tips when it comes to creating more stylish outfits, meaning you can still look very fashionable without looking like you are wearing every item in your wardrobe. 

Keep it Breathable 

While it is important to layer and keep the heat in, don’t forget something that was pointed out above. You aren’t going to be outside or cold all the time, and super-thick tops, jerseys, and coats will become very hot and uncomfortable when you are sitting in a restaurant or in a store with the heating turned up. 

An easy way to prevent this is to wear slightly loose-fitting underlayers, but to tuck them in a loose-fitting t-shirt and long-sleeve shirt will still keep you warm when tucked in. 

Choose Wool

Wool should be a staple material in your Winter wardrobe. It is one of the best, if not the best, materials for staying warm when the temperatures drop. You can get wool jerseys, underlayers, socks, and wool-lined coats or jackets. 

It is best to invest in a couple of high-quality wool garments, mainly wool jerseys, and several pairs of wool socks.

A closeup image of wool.
Wool should be a staple material in your Winter wardrobe.
Invest in the Right Items

Wool jerseys aren’t the only item you should be investing in. You should also look into investing in a high-quality Winter coat, as well as boots. A great coat will last years, as it will barely experience any wear and tear, just exposure to the elements. 

Boots are also important, especially if you live in an area that receives snow over the colder months. They should be sturdy, protect your ankles, have excellent traction, and keep your feet warm. Once again, they will last years, and you won’t need to replace them any time soon. 




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