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Private Party Ideas for the Fall Season in Los Angeles

Fall has arrived in Los Angeles, bringing sunny and enjoyable weather, even in the changing seasons. Ultimately making Los Angeles, California, the perfect destination for private parties and getaways. Planning an unforgettable destination celebration in The City of Angels is easier than ever, especially since we created a list of memorable party ideas and recommendations ranging from mind-wild for you to build off of. Use this as your guide to debauchery; we are here to make sure everyone has the time of their life.

Planning a private party in LA is a great way to catch up with friends, release stress, escape the chilly autumn months, and make great memories. And if you love a good cocktail/beer, watching sports, relaxing by the pool, or fun festive parties, Los Angeles is the best place to host these epic adventures.

Halloween Private Parties in Los Angeles

One of the best ways to celebrate the spooky season is by throwing a private Halloween party. An exclusive affair like this lets your guests get creative with their costumes and create memorable moments. To make your Halloween private party more lively, consider making it adults only and allow yourself to unwind while everyone lets their inhibitions go.

It is no secret that Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s most beautiful women. You can even book some of them to come to your private party. This popular personal party service in Los Angeles is notoriously a rite of passage for bachelor parties. However, it is not limited to bachelor parties. You can also spice up your Halloween gathering by booking these local smokeshows. Even better, they come with both tricks and treats:

  • On Halloween, there are no holds barred, so you can have your girls any way you want them. Bad girls love making dreams a reality. So they will come as whatever you like— Sexy nurses? Naughty Barbie? Dirty House Maids? Playboy Bunnies? Or you leave it up to us, and Bad Girls will surprise you with teeny tiny costumes of their choosing.
  • Bad Girls don’t just attend private parties—They are about creating an interactive, unforgettable experience with party games such as whipped cream races or stripper darts— adding a sexy edge to the party. You can book this service for your private party in various locations, including hotel suites, AirBnB’s, mansions, or your place.
  • Depending on your guests’ preferences, the themed party girls can perform a more mild PG-rated show for everyone, or if everyone likes to live on the edge, they also offer a wild girl-on-girl strip show.
An image of pumpkins and a sign saying Trick Or Treat.
Spice up your Halloween gathering by booking these local Bad Girls.

Private Party in the Water

If you’re planning your private party at the start of fall, consider hosting it by the pool. Los Angeles is home to some of the most remarkable mansions, fully equipped with luxurious pools to spend time by (some even have the option to be heated). We highly recommend researching and finding a party-friendly mansion with the option to throw a pool party, especially if you are visiting from colder cities.

To raise the bar pool party experience, bring in some extra entertainment and invite some of Los Angeles’ irresistible party girls to hang out, bartend, and strip by the pool. These girls will be eye candy for your guests and play all the fun party games, such as beer pong. They will bring the supplies for some more wild party games as well. Whether you’re single or not, this private party service is designed to keep everyone entertained and craving more.

Tour the Best Breweries in Los Angeles

In addition to hosting private parties, Los Angeles offers a vibrant brewery scene worth exploring. Consider adding a brewery tour to your party itinerary, especially if you’re visiting during the fall. To make the experience even more enjoyable, you can book a party bus equipped with an amazing sound system and party lights. This way, the party never stops, and your guests will have their dance club on wheels.

Los Angeles is home to several popular breweries that you can visit during your party tour:

  • All Season Brewing: This hot spot offers a wide variety of craft beers, IPAs, lagers, draft wines, and fruity cocktails. You can also enjoy arcade games and delicious snacks here.
  • Angel City Brewery: Located in a warehouse space with an industrial vibe, this brewery offers a selection of IPAs, pilsners, lagers, and limited releases.
  • Golden Road Brewing: As the largest brewery in Los Angeles, Golden Road Brewing not only serves amazing IPAs but also provides a great space to hang out with your friends, watch a ball game, and take a tour.

Poker Night at your Rental

After a day of exploring the city, you can continue the fun at your Airbnb by hosting a private poker night. Rent a poker table, cards, and other supplies, and hire hot poker dealers to host your games and keep the party going.

You have two options for the poker dealers:

  • PG-rated dealers who bring a professional yet sexy vibe
  • More exotic dealers who add a like to get wild and add stripping to the mix.
An image of someone playing poker.
After a day of exploring the city, you can continue the fun at your Airbnb by hosting a private poker night.

Planning private party events in Los Angeles is always a good time; with the help of partying professionals, it can become seamless. Whether you want to add adult fun to your party or prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, visiting a city like Los Angeles has unlimited options and opportunities. As they say, this is where fantasies become reality.

So, get everyone together and get ready to plan a WILD private party in Los Angeles this fall. With our party ideas and recommendations, you’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Who is Bad Girl Liz?

Bad Girl Liz, CEO of Bad Girl Productions, has been in the bachelor party planning industry for more than 20 years and knows what’s hot and not when it comes to planning private parties. Her expert advice and ultimate customizable party packages have made it easy to have fun.




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