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Bridal Beauty: How To Choose Your Wedding Day Glam

Bridal beauty is overwhelming, especially if you have no clue where to start. But don’t sweat it! Learn how to choose your wedding day glam with this helpful guide.

Describe the Theme of Your Wedding

What’s the theme or “vibe” of your wedding? Think of three words that describe your wedding and choose styles that reflect the day’s tone.

You don’t want something too formal if you have a relaxed, peaceful, beachy vibe. The same also goes for formal events. If you have a black-tie classic, fancy wedding, you may want high-glam makeup.

Once you describe your wedding, visualize your hair and makeup matching the theme.

An image of a couple at their beach wedding.
Describe the theme or “vibe” of your wedding. Is it black-tie formal, relaxed beachy?

Get Inspiration from Celebrities

Hair and makeup are always a big deal for celebrities, whether they’re doing talk show interviews or attending movie premieres. Look at pictures of celebrities whose beauty looks you admire. Then, point out features you want to include in your glam.

Remember to schedule a hair and makeup trial to explore different looks. Assuming someone else’s makeup will look the same on you may result in disappointment. Stay on the safe side and test all your glam options.

Prioritize Your Glam Preferences

One of the best ways to choose your wedding day glam is to prioritize your beauty preferences. How do you want to look on the big day? Maybe you’re obsessed with bright and bold lips, so vibrant lipstick is a must-have feature. Perhaps you’re leaning toward a “no makeup” makeup look, and you want to wear your favorite tinted moisturizer. Build your wedding day glam around your preferences. Doing so will ensure you look gorgeous on the big day!

An image of a bride in neutral wedding day glam makeup.
One of the best ways to choose your wedding day glam is to prioritize your beauty preferences.

Consider the Weather Forecast

It may seem trivial, but checking the weather forecast can help you choose wedding makeup. For example, if you’re in a really warm climate, consider lighter makeup and waterproof products. If you’re planning Winter nuptials, consider using products that hydrate the skin to maintain your wedding glow.

Talk with a professional makeup artist for advice on what kind of products to use when you check the weather forecast for your wedding day.

Think About Your Hair Texture

Every bride wants to look their best by accentuating their natural beauty. Embrace your hair texture and rock styles that align with your tresses. In this quick guide to wedding hairstyles by hair type, brides with curls and texture should emphasize their natural strands. Styling gels and sculpting custards make curls shine! Furthermore, there are tons of hairstyles that incorporate natural hair for wedding day glam.

An image of an ethnic bride with a curly hair texture.
Brides with curls and texture should emphasize their natural strands.




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