hoopLA’s Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s the end of October and that means Halloween is right around the corner. But don’t fret, you still have time to grab the perfect costume. 2021 gave us a slew of ideas; from killer children’s games, to Disney live action films, to social media viral sensations. We’ve put together a list of Instagram worthy last minute Halloween costumes that are perfect for celebrating All Hallow’s Eve.


Emma Stone’s sassy and chic portrayal of the Disney villain gave us LIFE! $79.99 (Dress and gloves), $29.99 (Wig); Party City and Amazon

Photo Credit: Disney

Star Trek’s Sexy Uhura

This costume never gets old. Whether you’re a die hard trekkie or just wanna show off your legs, this outfit is sure to turn heads. $51.65 – $104.99; Amazon

Sexy Cougar Costume

Is there anything sexier than a skin tight onesie? Nope! $48.50+; Amazon (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Ariel’s Sexy Cougar Costume is purrrfect.

Harley Quinn

Everyone loves the eccentric DC Comics bad girl with the heart of gold. You’re sure to make an entrance when you walk in as the ultimate “Lady in Red.” $59.99; Spirit Halloween

Hipster Mermaid

We just can’t get enough of this hipster spin on our favorite Little Mermaid. $42.25+; Amazon (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

This Little Mermaid is fierce and fabulous. Photo Credit: Amazon


Marvel’s WandaVision features Wanda – a powerful, badass mutant also known as The Scarlet Witch. Wanda isn’t just fierce, but so is her wardrobe. Did you too swoon over the sexy red costume she dawns on the show? $51.99; Amazon (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

Squid Game

Netflix’s biggest hit features a group of desperate players who compete in several deadly children’s games for big money. And did I mention your feet will thank you since you’ll be wearing comfy sneakers all night. $59.99; Original Squid Game

Photo Credit: Netflix


2021 gave us a new spin on one of our favorite horror classics Candyman. Dare you say his name five times in the mirror…?$45.99; Amazon

Bernie Sanders’ Mittens

When Bernie Sanders sat bundled up wearing his signature mittens at Joe Biden’s Inauguration, he almost broke the internet. $34.99 ; Amazon

Oh Bernie….




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