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Let them See You Smile™

It’s funny the things you take for granted. With the arrival of Covid-19 a hug, a brunch with old friends, even a friendly smile has become obsolete. I never realized how much I smile in an average day, until half my face was covered by a mask. Would the supermarket cashier know I was being friendly? Did that cute guy notice I was interested? Wearing a mask makes something as simple as a smiling difficult. Having my face covered is hard enough, but what about the people who rely on their mouths to communicate? Former fashion executive and founder of the GOTTA HAVE FACE™ mask brand, Jaye Hersh-Eigler asked herself the same question. Armed with her fashion background and the need to help, the See You Smile™ Mask was born. “There were two main things I was hoping to accomplish when I came up with the “See you Smile.” The first was to help those that were hearing impaired, the second was to help children and teachers to communicate as they transitioned back to the classroom after being quarantined.”

The See You Smile™ is a two-ply, breathable, semi-transparent, mask that is: CDC compliant, reusable, and fashionable. Most importantly, 100% of the net proceeds from the $15.00 masks are donated to charities that support those affected by Covid-19. One such charity is the LA Food Bank. Hersh-Eigler “Immediately focused on the food shortage crisis in her local LA community due to Covid-19. The LA Food Bank was the perfect choice because they run an efficient food distribution operation and are able to give away more meals per dollar than any other local organization.” As of December 25th the face masks have provided 462,676 meals to hungry Angelinos.

The See You Smile™ encourages you to proudly “smile at strangers and silently say Hello, while also lessening the stigma of wearing a mask in general.” We salute Hersh-Eigler for doing her part to help us cope with this global pandemic and thank her for letting others see our smile.




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