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Cuddling with your baby is the best thing in the world. Cuddling with your baby while they are in buttery soft clothing is even better. Founder of Kyte BABY, Ying Liu, makes baby apparel, toddler apparel, sleep bags, blankets, bath accessories, and womens clothing out of bamboo. With a daughter who suffered from eczema as a baby, she was determined to find a material that allowed her to sleep comfortably and also keep her temperature down.

Kyte BABY’s international clothing line has woven softness that is sustainable, hypoallergenic and comes in an array of beautiful colors and whimsical patterns. I love that the footie pajamas and the sleep sacks have zippers that work both ways. Hello, easy diaper change! Plus, the footies really grip for our baby who is always on-the-go and the pajamas fit snuggly so there are no risks of his clothing getting caught in anything. Liu really thought of everything and allows mamas (and dadas) to breathe easy.

As for moms…there is no better time to stock up on lounge outfits! While we’re stuck at home, why not be in cozy, soft fabrics? You and your baby will love the feeling of wearing Kyte BABY.




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