Booby Tape – A Breast Lift in a Box!

Do your boobs sag low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie ’em in a knot? Can you tie me in a bow? Can you throw ’em over your shoulder like a continental soldier, do your boobs sag low? Has this ever happened to you? You found the perfect dress to slay. The only problem is the dreaded bra straps. Do you dare go without a bra? Will gravity allow your lady lumps to be lifted and perky? What do you do? Introduce Australian- based Booby Tape –  the “original breast tape designed to lift the breasts in a desirable position underneath clothing and enhance cleavage.”

What makes Booby Tape different from other breast tapes? Booby Tape is more durable than the competition and is strong enough to lift and support your breasts, while allowing you to move in a natural way. The secret lies in the material. Designed to be friendly on the skin yet strong enough to lift and shape the breasts, Booby Tape guarantees a breast lift as it enhances your cleavage – without the hassle of unwanted bra straps. As no two women are alike, the same goes for your breasts. To allow for maximum coverage for all cup sizes Booby Tape comes in a 5m roll, allowing you to customize the amount of coverage needed.  To complete the look, the makers of Booby Tape recommend using nipple covers under the tape to save you from an embarrassing moment.

At the celebrity studded US launch party in Hollywood, I first hand got to witness the power of this breast tape. Models with all different breast sizes  wore no shirts, ONLY the tape to show the magic of Booby Tape. Each model’s breasts were draped in a different design displaying the versatility of the tape.

The evening was filled with celebs strutting the pink carpet showing their support for the life changing fashion accessory. The Hills: New Beginning star Heidi Pratt was pretty in pink. Influencers Anastasia Karanikolaou and Tammy Hembrow, and Internet Personality/Rapper Tana Mongeau were also among the crowd. As we sipped libations and munched on lite bites, DJ, producer, and LA-based songwriter Saint Clair spun the hottest beats and had everyone on their feet.

Now the next time you have the perfect dress but are afraid of going braless, do not fret. Now that Booby Tape is officially available in the US market, it will be your savior. You and your boobies will feel beautiful and confident.




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