Not Your Standard Ktown BBQ

In Ktown BBQ places are dime a dozen, but not one like Eight Korean BBQ, the only concept in California that specializes in Mangalitsa Pork Belly. They have eight different flavors (Original, Black Sesame, Wine, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso Paste, and Red Pepper Paste) carefully curated to satisfy any palette.  Too many choices? They guide you through, starting with the more subtle to the heavier marinades so you don’t miss out on any of the flavor.  They make it even easier for you as they grill and serve the meat at your table, giving you the full Ktown experience- all you need to do is bring your appetite.  For the beef-eating traditionalists, Eight Korean BBQ also has a variety of Argentinian grass fed beef, USDA Prime, and Japanese Wagyu Beef, and of course a variety of beer and sojus to wash it down. Eight Korean BBQ has everything covered and is a great spot for groups. They also have a location in Buena Park.




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