Little Ruby


Newly opened Little Ruby makes itself at home in Santa Monica and lives up to the name of the original, Ruby’s Cafe, which started in NYC in 2003.  Little Ruby’s, their first west-coast location, brings its laid-back Australian vibe along with its comfort food staples like the Avocado Toast, the Rag Bol, featuring their famous pepper-zucchini bolognese, and the Crispy Rice Bowl as well as some new dishes like the Cauli Rice Bowl and Crispy Chicken with soft-boiled egg and sweet chili-mustard dressing. The funnest part about eating Australian food are the nicknames like brekkie, otherwise known as breakfast, which you don’t want to miss.

Treat yourself to their Ricotta Hotcakes, Green Eggs, with braised greens, avocado, and kale, and Coffee Granola or Homemade Banana Bread. The minimalist but airy and welcoming decor fits their menu, which is hearty, fresh, and tasteful. Also you’ll have a selection of Australian beers and wines (no, not Foster’s.. ) and some fresh cocktails such as the Regal Rouge and The Lively, which feature native Australian flavors and will make the perfect beachside drink.

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